When did Meryl and Charlie take a nap together?
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during stars on ice lol




The Masked Ball scene from Angel of the Opera

For those of you looking for a good Phantom/Holmes crossover, I humbly submit Angel of the Opera, by Sam Siciliano. It is a (mostly) Leroux-faithful retelling of Phantom of the Opera, as seen through the eyes of Sherlock Holmes and his assistant/cousin, Dr. Henry Vernier.

In the novel, Holmes is brought in by the Opera managers, Richard and Moncharmin, to investigate the mystery of the Opera Ghost.

During the course of the novel, Erik and Holmes develop a weary respect for each other, borne out of a mutual appreciation for each other’s intellect. To Holmes’ credit, he sees the genius behind the mask.

This is the masked ball scene from AotO. Sherlock has come disguised as Quasimodo, and Erik has come as La Mort Rouge. They exchange literary allusions, and all sorts of bromance ensues. ;)

…and then that damned ending happens.

And he gets Christine, Raoul, the Daroga, and everyone else wrong…




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yeah, and?

I hope so


Got ‘em, coach!